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still a little sore

i am eighteen now, but i don't feel that much older aside from the fact that i can buy cigarettes now and pierce and tattoo my body all over. oh yes and i can buy porn and lottery tickets, which i haven't done yet. i finally have a cd player for my car and my speakers reinstalled professionally. the guy at best buy told me "don't let your boys work on your car ever again."  i hope i will have no reason to have anyone work on my car for a very long time! but my point is now that i have a cd player, i need cds!!!! so anyone who wants to give me new music that will be greatly appreciated. 

i have an awesome best friend and some awesome new girl things. which ultimatly makes me pretty happy. 

also last night i worked with miss virgina short. she is the most amazing old lady ever. she is eighty four and has the best stories. 

according to virginia they are the best cigarettes anyone could smoke. she only smoked for a little bit because she got dizzy, but thats not why she quit because you can always smoke and hold on to the mantle. the real reason she quit was because of the nicotine poisoning. 

for my next art project i am going to paint a chesterfields poster for miss virginia. and in return she promised me she would give me a copy of autobiograpgy when she was finished.

"you can always give up cigarettes, but you can't give up the sex"
"oh now that was never mentioned"

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